Tsar Caviar


This delicious mousse from Rougié is made of duck foie gras, duck fat with Armagnac and Port. ​Refrigerate 20 minutes before opening. Remove both sides and gently slide out by applying pressure on 1 end. To serve this mousse, warm-up the blade of knife with hot water. Cut the foie gras into 1/3-inch slices. Add fleur de sel and ground pepper to taste or even a confit of onions, fig jam or balsamic glaze. Serve chilled but not ice cold. Serve with French bread or brioche, but do not spread or mash on the bread to fully enjoy the rich texture and taste. Serve with late harvest ice wine, port, or sauternes.

Ideal for a party of 6 to 8. Refrigerate after opening.

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