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Arnaud Nicoise Style Olives


This 260g of authentic French olives are prepared following a very short list of ingredients and contains around ten servings per jar. These delicious black olives are marinated in natural sea salt, which results in a true and classic infusion. Get your hands on this jar of French olives crafted Nicoise Style - ‘in the style of Nice.’ 

Enhance the flavors of any meal by incorporating some of Arnaud’s olives. Add them to your salads, and for a more Nicoise dish, combine them with tomatoes, garlic, and anchovies as well. 

Arnaud is a three-generation French family business that was founded half a century ago. Father and son have spent 50 years providing olives and fennel to the province of Fontvieille and Paris as well. Explore and enjoy their range of olives, olive oils, spreads, and many more to travel through France from the comfort of your own home.

  • Facts: 9.2 oz. 260g. Product of France.
  • Ingredients: Coquillos Olives, Brine (Water, Salt, Citric Acid), Sunflower Oil and Thyme of Provence. 

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