Tsar Caviar

Краб Путина Камчатский Фенси натуральный в собственном соку


Natural Kamchatka crab will surely be able to conquer everyone with its delicate and refined taste.

It can be used to prepare light salads, as well as make various appetizers for the festive table. Kamchatka crab is very juicy, soft and moderately salty.

The product goes well with fresh vegetables, and you can also sprinkle it with lemon juice to add a slight sourness to the taste. Ingredients: crab limb meat: second phalanx, shoulder part (rose), claw, water, salt. Nutritional value per 100g of product: protein 16g, fat 3.8g, carbohydrates 0.05g, energy value 415kJ / 98.5Kcal. Store at t from -4'C to + 5'C. Shelf life is 12 months. The product is ready to use. TU 9271-001-13879880-2008

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