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FROZEN ROASTED EEL (unagi kabayaki)

We are one of the Largest Professional Supplier of Eel Products in China for more than 20 years. We have past ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, BRC and EEC Approval with Annual production quantity of 16000tons.

We can supply Top quality Frozen Roasted Eel-Unagi Kabayaki with competitive price as following sizes:

1.3PCS/kg, 4PCS/kg, 5PCS/kg, 6PCS/kg, 8PCS/kg, 10PCS/kg, 12PCS/kg, 14PCS/kg, 15PCS/kg, etc.

2.5oz/PC, 6oz/PC, 7oz/PC, 8oz/PC, 9oz/PC, 10oz/PC, 11oz/PC, 12oz/PC, etc.

If you have any interest, please feel free to let me know. We will supply our Best Price, Best Quality and Best Service to you!
Website: http://www.made-in-china.com/showroom/weilongfood

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